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The Mellerud bucks are generally more streamlined using a rounder head and muzzle that is thicker. Jan 6, 2013 - This Pin was discovered by Karinski. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest The Mellerud rabbit is a Swedish variety of rabbit of medium size that comes in albino or black with white markings. The Mellerud rabbit has official landrace status in Sweden and is considered a critically endangered variety.

Mellerud rabbit

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The Mellerud rabbit is a variety of rabbit native to Sweden. It is said to have originated from old lines of farm rabbits known as bondkaniner, once widely available all over the country. The Mellerud Rabbit is a compact type medium-sized rabbit that is similar to the Gotland Rabbit in terms of its body structure. They have round heads, and such … Native to Sweden, Mellerud rabbit originated from bondkaniner (farm rabbits), but in the 1990s, the population declined, and Mellerud rabbit was almost extinct.

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Pic Mellerud Rabbit Breed Information And Pictures - Sunnanå, Mellerud, Sweden. | Sunnanå 9.Jan.2019 | Leif .

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Mellerud rabbit

Sex/Neuter status: Male. Not neutered.

Mellerud rabbit

These rabbits were referred to as “bondkaniner” (“farm rabbits”) … We follow the various organisations’ recommended prices when we sell sheep, goats, pigs, cattle, ducks, geese and rabbits. We keep a gene bank for all of our breeds. The following applies to the sale of chickens. Chickens, 8-16 weeks: 150 SEK per chicken plus tax. Pullets, 5 … Brucieb & The Boo Home of Boo Boo “The Rare Mellerud Rabbit” & star of the “Brucie B & the Boo Show”. An advocate for ESA rabbits #esabooboo #thefoom 2020-09-19 The Gotland rabbit is a Swedish variety of rabbit of medium size that comes in a variety of colours.
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Mellerud rabbit

The following applies to the sale of chickens. Chickens, 8-16 weeks: 150 SEK per chicken plus tax. Pullets, 5 months and older: 200 SEK per pullet plus tax.

a Brown Polish Rabbit. a Blue Astrex Rex Rabbit. a Chocolate Otter Rex Rabbit.

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However, they could live more if properly cared for if stored in pairs. 2014-04-24 · Güzelçamlı rabbit Harlequin Havana Himalayan Hulstlander Hungarian Giant Jersey Wooly Kabyle Lilac Lionhed Liptov Baldspotted Rabbit Meissner Lop Mellerud rabbit Miniature Lop (Holland Lop in USA) Mini Lion Lop Netherland Dwarf New Zealand New Zealand Red Orestad Palomino Pani Pannon White Perlfee Plush Lop (Standard) Plush Lop (Mini Both Mellerud and Gotland rabbits are recognized as landrace by the Swedish Ministry of Agriculture ( Jordbruksverket). In addition to the Gotland rabbit, there is a very large population of wild rabbits on Gotland; these are called Rabbisar on the island and are not identical to the former. Rabbits were kept for their meat and to make clothes from the skins. The rabbits ran free in the barns. They lived on waste from the cows’ hay and grain. Rabbits could provide a lot of meat for one family.

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Mellerud Jojo Rabbit Onsdag 15/1 kl. 19.00 Från 15 år.

The Mellerud rabbit is a very old variety of rabbit. It was originated from Sweden, and was referred to as bondkaniner (farm-rabbits) in as early as 1881.